Blake Luedtke
Print Production Manager - Strategic Retail Partners (SRP)
I reported to Arthur during our time at SRP and he was one of the best bosses I’ve had. Working with Arthur for the past 5 years was truly a blessing. He is a great leader and teacher. Always took the time to teach me new things and guide me to become a stronger employee. We have worked on hundreds of projects together and he always had a way to keep it under control and professional. Always cool under pressure and he knew how to get it done the correct way. Any corporation would be lucky to have Arthur as a director. I truly enjoyed every moment we had, thanks for everything.
Sam Onda
VP, Director of Sales & Business Development - Hypercel Corporation
Arthur works for our client who we have been doing business together for over 11 years. We are both in the wireless industry where the competition is fierce. In order to make a mark in our industry not only does the product must be the best but the retail packaging as well. Arthur is a master in packaging design. His creations of packaging artwork sells the products period. If you are looking for graphic artist to design your product, give Arthur a shout.
Sebastian Trujillo
I worked directly with Arthur for years. He is a sharp guy which a creative eye. Serious multi-tasking skills and quick turnaround times.
David Angstrom
President/CEO - Angstrom Creative
Arthur's a phenomenal artist and talent. Even keel with a impressive talent for branding and he's a great guy!
Willie Sims
Background Painter - Renegade Animation
I’ve known Arthur since 2000 or so. He’s a seasoned professional and pays a great attention to detail! His work and portfolio are stellar and he never shies away from a challenge.
I highly recommend Arthur!!
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